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NFL Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins Come To Terms Two Days Into Camp

The AFC East lost its last unsigned rookie, and the Miami Dolphins secured their quarterback for the future this evening when they finally came to an agreement with Ryan Tannehill.

While the full details of the deal have not been released, the rookie is believed to have inked a four-year contract worth $12.6 million, with an option for a fifth year.

Tannehill has missed the first two days of training camp due to a disagreement with Dolphins management over the inclusion of offset language in the contract, which would protect the team from having to pay Tannehill’s full contract should he be released and sign with another team.

With a battle underway for the starting quarterback position, Tannehill decided he could not afford to waste any more time and gave in to the Dolphins, agreeing to the offset language in order to join his team.  Reportedly, the Dolphins gave in to Tannehill as well, but there is very little known about this portion of the contract.

What is known is known at this point is that Tannehill will be showing up to camp tomorrow morning, and will get his chance to compete against veteran QB’s, Matt Moore and David Garrard.  Tannehill is said to have a good grasp of the offense, having ran a similar scheme at Texas A&M under Mike Sherman, who is now the Dolphins offensive coordinator.  Even with the familiarity, Tannehill has had a problem catching up to the speed of the NFL, and is said to be a long shot to win the starting position.

Whether he gets his start this year, or not, Tannehill was drafted to be the future, and with a deal finally in place, the you QB can start working his way towards the throne.  Whether it will be as the King or the Jester remains to be seen.


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