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Leslie Frazier Open to Adrian Peterson Playing in Preseason Game

The million dollar question in Minnesota these days, will Adrian Peterson play week one this season?

Ever since he tore two ligaments in his knee late last December, Peterson has vowed to be ready to go for the start of 2012. Only seven months out from surgery, it’s hard to believe it’s even a debate whether he could play, but we are talking about Adrian Peterson.

Minnesota Vikings‘ head coach Leslie Frazier admitted that if his star running back is going to play week one, that it might be nice to see him get a few carries this August:

“Ideally you’d like for him, if we’re going to try to see in the first game of the season, for him to get some work in the preseason at some point. Now, will that happen? I don’t know. We’ll see how he progresses. But ideally you’d like to see him get some carries at some point in the preseason, just for his benefit where he can gain some confidence and get a feel for where he is and where he needs to be for the first game of the season.”

Since being placed on the PUP list, AP has started to broaden his rehab, and is now including football-like activies. He and head trainer Eric Sugarman are working on handoffs and other drills that replicate football movements.

“The one thing I’m missing is being out there and actually going through the actual football activities and guys diving at your legs and making cuts, and things like that,” Peterson said. “That’s something you can’t imitate off to the side by yourself.”

Adding the focus on football related movements to Peterson’s rehab is undoubtedly the right call. Clearly Peterson is already far past where any normal human would be with their rehab, but normal people don’t play running back in the NFL.

As of Saturday, no one in Vikings’ organization will commit to a timeline for Peterson’s return.

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