Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Wants Him Some "Glory Hole"

By Jeff Shull

Just when you thought Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones couldn’t say anything more hilarious, he holds a press conference prior to training camp opening and provides us with some glorious comments.

With the Cowboys set to begin camp on Monday after a busy offseason that saw them drastically improve their major weaknessess (offensive line, secondary), Jones appears to be pretty excited to get things under way.

Much of the talk surrounding the Cowboys in 2012 has been this idea that the window for a Super Bowl title is closing. Jones got revved up and addressed that in a very comical way.

“I want to officially close the window to closing the window. That was off-season talk. I do feel a sense or urgency, though. I’ve been here 23 years. I’ve been here when it was glory hole days and when it wasn’t. I want me some glory hole!”

Depending on how your mind works, you may have immediately thought of a sexual reference (even if your mind didn’t work that way, you just thought of it). Cowboys public relations director Rich Dalrymple‘s mind obviously went that way too, and he attempted to clear the air by saying “‘Glory hole’ is a commonly used expression in the oil and gas exploration business.”

Nice try Rich, but the damage was done. I hope they keep sticking a microphone in Jones’ face, because the oil tycoon from Arkansas never ceases to amaze me.


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