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Jared Allen Interested in Championships, Not Rebuilding

Most people would consider the Minnesota Vikings to be a rebuilding team, Jared Allen is not one of them. He recently made some comments about his attitude going into a season:

 “Expectations are always the same. If you’re not out here trying to win a championship, then there’s no reason to be out here. If you’re out here saying we’re going to try to win eight games this year, you’re wasting everybody’s time and you’re wasting the Wilfs’ money.”

“At the end of the day, it’s your job to come out here and work. It’s your job to get yourself ready to play. And if you’re not that guy, we’ll go on without you. Nothing’s guaranteed in this league. You’re in the NFL. It’s time to play. We’ve all played football for a long time.”

Head coach Leslie Frazier says Allen isn’t the only one with championship aspirations:

“Jared is a pro. We are going to need his leadership with the young ballclub that we will have. We count on his leadership in the midst of what we are trying to get done. He is not the only one that wants a championship. So does Kevin Williams. So does Antoine Winfield. So does everyone on our team. Everyone wants to win a championship.

“I don’t expect Jared to have a sour attitude in the fact that he has some young teammates. It’s just not in his DNA at all. We are going to expect him to have a great season and to help our football team win.”

I completely agree with Allen’s thoughts here. You’re not going to be a champion, if you don’t think you’re a champion. Now Jared Allen isn’t stupid, he know the Vikings’ season would be considered a success if they won 8 games, but he’s not going to say that. That’s not Jared Allen.

Allen will come out every game and do just like he says, give it everything he’s got. He’s not a guy who’s into moral victories, he wants to win, he wants to be the best.

Fans of the team have to hope his attitude is infectious with teammates, specifically on defense. The defense is under tremendous pressure to improve from a season ago, finishing 21st in total defense and giving up an average of 28.1 Pts/G.

Not saying the offense doesn’t have it’s fair share of improving to do, but for the Vikings to have any chance of success, the defense has to keep them in ball games. If the defense doesn’t improve, the Vikings won’t either.

Jared Allen has already declared his intentions to break the single season sack record (22.5) in 2012, as he fell one sack short of doing so last season. I fully expect him to be right there again late in the season with a chance to break the record.

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