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New York Jets Training Camp Begins

The New York Jets opened up training camp this past week.  They train in Cortland, New York.  The big story of course in Jets camp is Tim Tebow as he is a much followed athlete.  Tebow generates buzz everywhere he goes and with everything that he does.  Mark Sanchez is the starting quarterback but Tebow as the backup generates more attention.  This is a story to keep an eye on, they are appearing to get along so far but that could get more complicated as time goes on.

I don’t think Tebow is a quarterback like many people around the NFL and the game of football in general.  I do believe he is a very good athlete though and agree with putting him in other positions.  The Jets have already said they will be using him on special teams.  I like that but I wouldn’t make him the backup quarterback especially if he will be playing on special teams.  I think the Jets should do that and also use him as runner, throw some passes running the option and maybe even catch some passes as a receiver or tight end.

The other story in Jets camp will be Rex Ryan.  He is the head coach and he always has a lot to say.  He and the Jets vowed to tone it down after last year was a disaster.  Ryan already in training camp though has said he is the best defensive mind, better then anyone out there.  It could be him just trying to take the attention off of his team but still when is enough enough?

The Jets are going to need to run the ball this year and have a good offensive line allowing that and to protect the quarterback if they want to be successful.  The Jets will also need their defense to be a top defense again.  They have the ability but one thing that has not gone well for them has been rushing the passer.  They need to find a way to get more pressure on the quarterback and if they can do that, the defense will be really good.  I think the Jets have a pretty good team and should be able to make the playoffs, they need to get past the negativity though and all pull together and of course winning also helps.