NFL Rumors: Tim Tebow Campaigning for New York Jets' Starting Job

By Derek Kessinger

Tim Tebow Takes Manhattan! Much like its Muppets counterpart, this story is a comedy that lacks sense, but keeps everyone entertained. Watching the world of Tim Tebow in New York is like watching a sequel to a movie where only the location changes. The undervalued miracle child is set to overtake the bully on the playground of the NFL field, even as his coaches tell him it’s never going to happen. Mark Sanchez may play Kyle Orton and the media may be a little larger, but make no mistake, Tebow will win the starting job with the New York Jets this season as he did with the Denver Broncos in 2011.

It has already begun the same way. ESPN is spending 10 minutes at a time discussing Tebow’s impact on the Jets. Tebow is getting more air time than any quarterback in the league, even though no one talks to any other backup quarterback in the NFL. While the coaches insist that Tebow is the backup and may be used in only special packages, it will soon be out of their control. Even as Tebow was only able to complete 1 of 7 in a passing drill today, his supporters will point out that Tim is not a practice player.

The next step is the fans will descend on every Jets game. Suddenly hundreds of Floridians and Colorado transplants will come to the stadium and shout his name, Tebow! Even if Sanchez is near perfect, every interception or incomplete pass will cause the Tebow-faithful to yell louder and be harder to ignore. The mystique of Tebow will give a struggling Jets team little choice but to play him. From there, the rest may be miraculous or it may finally show a mortal Tebow.

The Jets should have seen this coming from the moment they signed Tebow. If they really wanted to control the man, they would have told him he could not talk to the media unless the team permitted it. This would kkep soom of the attention on the Jets team. Tim Tebow is a genuinely nice guy, but he knows how to sell himself. Anyone who believes his ability to stay in the headlines is an accident is not paying attention. Tebow knows what he’s doing. And for better or worse, it’s going to lead to a new starting quarterback in Jets-land.

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