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A look at Training Camp: Chicago Bears 19th overall pick Shea McClellin struggles

Shea McClellin had a rough day at the office Sunday, more than likely not the last of his NFL career, getting manhandled by o-linemen most notably rookie undrafted OT James Brown out of Troy, he by all accounts was engulfed by size and outmuscled, not great news for a guy who in his first season is touted to play a large amount of passing rushing downs.

“Today my pass-rushing wasn’t that good, so I was kind of disappointed,” McClellin said. “You know, I’m kind of hard on myself, so I’ve got to do better than that.”

In truth if McClellin was coming into camp and blowing up the o-line on every single play he would have never been available as the 19th overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft. By all accounts the Chicago Bears coaching staff seem to be beasting McClellin pretty hard, which can only be good for his development, and he has shown the speed and high motor promised by GM Phil Emery since McClellin was drafted.

He is a smart guy with in my opinion a brilliant attitude, and a willingness to take on board everything his coaches are telling him.

“I’m just trying to get better every day and work on things that coach Marinelli wants me to work on,” McClellin said after practice. “I just have a mentality of never quitting and that’s just what I try to do.”

Lets keep it real though Bears fans, if your tuning in week 1 of the regular season against the Indianapolis Colts expecting to see Julius Peppers Mark II, you are going to be disappointed, for this rest of us more like minded folks, it is clear McClellin perhaps more than anyone on the roster, is going to have to earn every second of every down come the regular season, but there are flashes of a good player.