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Chicago Bears Almost Traded for an Offensive Lineman

When free agency opened up a few months ago, many thought the Chicago Bears major needs were DL and OL. While the Bears did upgrade their DL, Phil Emery made minor moves to the OL that may or may not help. The reason for that is the free agent class was very and what players were on the market were overpaid. Before the Bears acquired DL Brian Price from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers late last week, the Bears did have talks about acquiring OL Jeff Otah of the Carolina Panthers.

The Carolina Panthers eventually traded Otah to the New York Jets for a 7th-round pick.  As you can see, the Jets gave up nothing for an OL that has starter ability. A major reason Otah was traded for so little is he’s a free agent after the year and work habit is not the best.

From first glance, you would look at the trade and say what a steal for the Jets. However, Otah has not passed a physical and the Jets placed him physically unable to perform list.

Otah was the 19th overall in the 2008 draft, 5 slots where the Bears drafted OL Chris Williams.

So, maybe it was good the Bears saved their 7th round pick Brian Price who did pass a physical. Price will begin full practice with the Bears starting tomorrow. Price does have injury concerns, but he’ll be a case of low risk/high reward.

Right now, it looks like it was a good pass by Emery and hoping Price turns into a real bargain.