Jason Garrett Off the Mark Saying Dallas Cowboys Have "Excellent Leadership"

By Jeric Griffin

This must be Embarrass Dallas Cowboys Fans Week. A day after Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made Dallas fans want to bury their heads in the sand, head coach Jason Garrett is back at it with his over-generalized comments that typically backfire.

“We have excellent leadership on this team,” Garrett said. “When you think about the guys on the offensive side of the ball, on the defensive side of the ball, the kind of players they are, the kind of performers that they are, how they go to work on a daily basis, they’re really, really good.”

Those who aren’t fans of America’s Team are literally laughing out loud by this point. They’re thinking ‘Yeah, right; a “really, really good” team has finished 14-18 over the past two seasons.’

Maybe Garrett is right; the Cowboys were very close to being a 12-4 team in 2011, but collapsed in four games while up by at least 12 points in the fourth quarter. Maybe the Cowboys are a “really, really good” team, but not a great one.

Regardless, Dallas doesn’t have excellent leadership, despite what Garrett, Jones or any other delusional member of the organization says. Teams with excellent leadership don’t make franchise history in areas like worst defense, most points allowed and most fourth-quarter collapses. That’s Football 101.

If the Cowboys had leadership, Dez Bryant wouldn’t be acting the way he is off the field. He wouldn’t have costed Dallas a win agains the New York Jets in Week 1 of last season, either. If Dallas had leadership, Dan Bailey wouldn’t have been iced by his own coach against the Arizona Cardinals last year and the Cowboys wouldn’t have blown a 24-point, third-quarter lead against the Detroit Lions.

The problem with Dallas, and Garrett in particular, is the lip service that goes on. A good team exercise would be to put Duct Tape over everyone’s mouths, including the owner and the head coach. In other words, everybody just shut up and prove all this nonsense on the field. Leaders aren’t made by talking; they must actually lead by example and that starts at the top of the organization.

That’s right; the Cowboys’ leadership problem doesn’t stem from the players. It stems from Jones and Garrett running their mouths about hypothetical situations. Forgive all the Jimmy Johnson references here at Rant Sports, but they’re accurate. He wouldn’t be saying “we have excellent leadership” after an 8-8 season and a 6-10 campaign the year before. He’d be busting the chops of his players and they would either get it in gear or get lost. Plain and simple.

The Cowboys don’t have any leadership. Period. Garrett is crippling his team by saying that at this point.

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