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Tim Tebow Running Shirtless In The Rain Gets Remixed For The Ladies (Video)

As expected, Tim Tebow is the center of attention at Cortland State, the site of the New York Jets training camp.  Having the eyes of the world focused on him is nothing new to the Jets back up QB, but here in New York, it is more intense than anywhere in his past.

Take for example the post workout sprint which has been a part of his routine since college.  Never has it drawn the type of attention it is getting since Saturday, when Tebow stripped off his shirt and ran across the field in the rain…right past a group of photographers.

Tebow says he did not think they would be taking pictures of him, but even Mr. Innocent cannot be that naive.  He had to know the lenses would be working at full speed, trying to capture the image of his Bay Watch moment in HD.

This makes it a little hard to feel bad for him when he says it is hard for him to go out and watch a movie, such as the Dark Knight Rises, because of the attention he receives.  You cannot feed the frenzy and then try to call time out.  The cameras love the guy, and for whatever reason, he is always in the news.  This run of his is just the latest installment of “What is Tebow Doing Now?” and I do not see anything changing in the near future.

I still support Tebow, but makes it easy to understand why so many come down on him so harshly.  All the guy has to do is run across the field and it becomes news.  Tebow is a backup quarterback, and until he earns a starting spot, he should be covered like a back up QB.  Tebow surely has not asked for the attention, and I do not blame him for the majority of the fan-fare, but this one should be chalked up to “posing for the cameras.”

Focus on that playbook Tim, and work on your reads, leave Baywatch to David Hasselhoff.


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