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Washington Redskins: Tim Hightower Not At His Best, But Working To Be

When it comes to the running back situation for the Washington Redskins, Tim Hightower said it best: “If you’re the best player, you’ll be on the field.”

From that comment, I’m sure he knows he’s not the best Running back.

Ok, I’ll just say it: He’s not at his best, and he’s a long way from it.

It’s just a way to play neutral to the question we’re all wondering: Is Tim Hightower healthy enough to start?

Speaking with the media Monday, Hightower tried to give some reasons as to why he’s one of four backs on the Redskins’ roster.  He said it could be because some running backs are good at certain things, while others may fit different formations.

One thing is certain—They’re going to put the guy on the field, even if it’s three, one, or four, Hightower said. He added, “The best guy will fill the position…They’re not going to be partial to one guy.”

Partiality could be a worry for Hightower, especially after watching Roy Helu carry most of the weight last season.  The last thing he wants to do is have injuries haunt him. However, according to Hightower, he’s going to do the best with his opportunity.

That opportunity could be short lived if he’s not healthy. The  Redskins need to really evaluate his situation and be honest with him.

Look, the guy wants to be on the field, and you can tell that he’s going to be the best teammate possible when it comes to sharing that position.  In all respects to him, you gotta have a backup plan for supporting the run—Hightower just hopes to be Plan A and not Plan D. You can hear it in his tone that he wants to secure the starting position.  However, I think his body will dictate differently.  I think he knows that, and I think he’s going to play his hand to the end of camp, hoping he’s on the clock Week 1.

However, according to ESPN’s Dan Graziano it’s looking like a slow start:

“Running back Tim Hightower, who’s recovering from knee surgery and still isn’t 100 percent, didn’t get any reps this morning. The reps went to second-year backs Roy Helu and Evan Royster and rookie Alfred Morris. Hightower said he’s planning to practice this afternoon, but he’s obviously not moving well and it remains to be seen how much the coaching staff will give him to do.”

Not the best news to hear, but there’s still a lot of camp to go. If he’s as competitive as he says he is, he’s gonna have to dig deep these next couple of days to look convincing.


Ricky Allen is a Washington Redskins Blogger with Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @UltimateRedskin