Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Hasn't Talked To Dez Bryant Because He's "Pissed" At Him

By Ben Grimaldi

I went very easy on Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones the other day, but some writers did not. Now he’s leaving me no choice but to hammer him. First, he was talking about “glory holes” and today he told fans at training camp they should go to Cowboys Stadium and watch the Cowboys “beat the Giants’ asses.”

Apparently he wasn’t finished embarrassing himself. On 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, Jones told the radio station he hasn’t spoken to Dez Bryant since his arrest “because I’m too pissed to talk to him.”

Why can’t Jerry Jones just shut up? Seriously Jerry, you should just close your mouth and not speak to the media anymore because you clearly can’t handle the responsibility.

First off, how can Jones honestly say the Cowboys will “beat the Giants’ asses?” They lost twice to the New York Giants last year; not to mention they haven’t beaten them in the new stadium yet! It’s OK to be confident in private but why does he have to put such a target on his back for no reason?

The bigger issue to me though, is how he’s handled the far more important issue of Dez Bryant’s arrest. How can an owner of a business not talk to an employee about getting arrested? In most businesses the employee would be fired! The way Jones has handled the situation it almost means that Bryant getting arrested doesn’t matter, its just another day in Cowboy Land. There appears to be no accountability for Bryant coming from Jerry Jones, that it’s OK to be arrested.

There’s that word again, accountability. Jason Garrett has spent the past year and a half trying to install some inside the Cowboys organization and Jones just spit on all his efforts. The other day Jerry Jones said the Cowboys have “excellent leadership.” Perhaps they do but it comes in spite of Jones, not because of him.

Imagine if you had done something that led to you getting arrested, do you think your boss would have the common sense to ask you about it? Maybe your parents or anyone close to you would probably ask what happened. Not Jerry Jones, he’s “too pissed.” If you’re that upset Jerry, wouldn’t it make sense to communicate that to Dez Bryant and hold him accountable?

From any normal standpoint, ignoring the situation makes it even worse. Some rational people may even think it can act as an enabler. I keep hearing that Bryant needs to grow up and learn to be responsible for his actions. How can he learn any of that without being held accountable by the person in the best position to do so?

Jerry Jones has done everything he possibly could to help Dez Bryant become a better professional football player so I understand why he would be upset over what happened. I also understand Jones is disappointed, even pissed, with the way Bryant has repaid Jones’ efforts to help him, but Dez Bryant has been let down by every person that has ever said they care about him. He’s been abandoned by both parents at different points in his life, so how is ignoring Dez supposed to help him be a better person now?

I’m not excusing Bryant at all but it appears the silent treatment does not work with him. If Jones truly wants the best for Dez Bryant as a player, he should want the best for him as a person first. With his actions Jones has shown a lack of maturity, acting as some 12-year old on a playground would, taking his ball and going home. It appears as though Jerry Jones still needs to grow up as a person, and an owner. Perhaps he mirrors Bryant in that way.

Taking a minute to step back and gathering your emotions before you act can be a good thing, but ignoring the problem all together is a huge mistake. Just add it to the many that Jerry Jones has made since owning the Cowboys.



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