Jerry Jones Must Want to Intentionally Doom Dallas Cowboys

By Jeric Griffin

The stupidity of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones never ceases to amaze. His team isn’t mentally tough enough to back up trash talk by its coaches or front office executives. However, Jones is determined to buck that trend or watch his franchise go up in flames in the process. On Tuesday, Jones followed up his “glory hole” fiasco with the following gem while speaking to the crowd at Cowboys training camp:

“Y’all should come to Cowboys Stadium and watch us beat the Giants’ asses,” Jones said.

Jones must think the Cowboys are going to lose to the New York Giants when the two teams square off in the NFL‘s season-opening game in the Big Apple on Sept. 5. The Giants don’t come to Arlington until Oct. 28. Fellow Rant Sports columnist Jeff Shull pointed out this clearly means Jones is scared of the first matchup, which will be played in primetime.

Jones and Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett have already embarrassed the team plenty this week, but Jones apparently thought his team needed another reason to disappoint the Dallas faithful for a third straight season. Has he not learned his lesson? Each time a member of the Cowboys’ organization (it’s never a player) says anything like this, the team gets crushed. This team not “really, really good” as Garrett said. If it was, this wouldn’t happen.

Jones wants his team to be the powerhouse it once was and so the rest of the Dallas faithful, but that can’t happen with a snap of a finger. The Cowboys used to have swagger and could back up trash talk. Jimmy Johnson employed that philosophy from his days at Miami (The U) and his team backed him up when he guaranteed a victory in the 1992 NFC Championship game.

Jones’ problem is he thinks he can make his team into that again by himself. He simply can’t do that because, as Randy Galloway says, he’s a “bleeping idiot” when it comes to building a winning football team.

The next aspect is the head coach. Garrett doesn’t hold his players accountable, so they’re not mentally tough. That’s why they’re going to get cremated on Sept. 5 after Jones set up them up for fail under the lights of primetime again.

When will he learn? He won’t. He’s almost 70 years old (I cringe to think what he’ll do for a birthday part) so he’s not going to change. You can’t teach this old dog new tricks. So until he croaks, the Cowboys will continue to be a disappointment and Jones will continue to embarrass the fan base.

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