Latest Jerry Jones Comments Show He is Terrified of the New York Giants

By Jeff Shull

There is nothing quite like words from ownership during training camp to stir up controversy among rivals. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones did just that when he addressed fans at Cowboys camp this morning. The New York Giants and Cowboys hate each other as much as any other rival in the league, so it’s not surprising to see Jones mention them to get fans riled up. But his latest outburst shows his true colors.

He is terrified of the Giants and their potential.

Ya’ll should come to Cowboys Stadium and watch us kick the Giants’ asses!” Jones said to fans.

Just the mere fact that Jones is thinking about the Giants when the Cowboys are looking to win just their second playoff game in over a decade tells me Jones is terrified of the Giants.

Why wouldn’t he be? The Giants have never lost in Jerry World, the new billion dollar monument Jones calls a stadium. Eli Manning stirred up some controversy when he signed the wall in the visitor’s locker room after the Giants won the first game played in Cowboys stadium in 2010.

The Giants are in the Cowboys’ heads, and that mental edge will help take down their division foe.

Though, to be fair, the Cowboys have been on the Giants’ mouths as well. Chris Canty spoke on TV about Tony Romo not being clutch, Ahmad Bradshaw said the Cowboys won’t win a Super Bowl with Romo as the quarterback, and Martellus Bennett talked recently about how much he hates the Cowboys.

The Cowboys players have gotten into the mix as well, with newly acquired corner Brandon Carr saying he didn’t “plan on seeing no dancin'” in regards to Victor Cruz and his salsa dance TD celebration. Cruz took the high road, saying he will “let [his] talking go on the field.”

The Giants have won two Super Bowls in the past five seasons, so it doesn’t surprise me that the Giants are brimming with confidence, nor does it surprise me that Jones has Big Blue on his mind. The Giants swept the Cowboys last year and won a winner-take-all game for the NFC East title in the final week of the season.

Jones needs a moratorium on talking for a while.


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