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NFL Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Owner Zygi Wilf Expects Team To Win NFC North In 2012

I guess you can not fault Zygi Wilf for having faith in his team.  Wilf is the owner of the Minnesota Vikings and despite how bad they looked last year and how good their division is, Wilf expects his team to win the NFC North this coming season.

I expect to be (NFC North) division champs,” Wilf said Tuesday as the Vikings went through an afternoon practice. “I want to be able to fight for the division, as we always did every year, and get better for years to come. That’s always been our goal and it’s been the goal since the first day I came here.”

Well, the owner of the team should think his team is going to be the champions of their division.  Then again, a little dose of reality for Zygi Wilf could not hurt him.  He might expect to win the division but he needs to realize that won’t happen for a little while.   There are just too many good teams in his division.  There are going to be three playoff teams from the North and the Vikings will certainly not be one of them.

This is good for the Vikings, though.  Their owner is showing faith in them, even if they are once again projected to be one of the bottom teams in the league.  Zygi Wilf has tried to help turn the team around so hopefully they can reward him down the road.  Right now, that might take a little bit of time and this quote might not exactly help the Vikings in the long run.  Angry opponents are never a good thing.

We shall see if this inspires the other teams to take the Vikings seriously this season.  They are going to need some serious help if they want to fulfill the owner’s goals.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.