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New York Jets Trade for Jeff Otah with Carolina Panthers Voided

The New York Jets trade for Jeff Otah with the Carolina Panthers has been voided after Otah failed two physicals.  Otah’s issue has been his right knee which has kept him from appearing in all but 4 games since 2009.

Otah, a 2008 first round draft pick by the Panthers in 2008, was considered long on talent but has not had success staying on the field because of knee problems.  Otah was brought in to battle Wayne Hunter for the right tackle position which now looks like it will once again belong to Hunter through minimal competition in training camp.

The trade for Otah was a low risk-high reward deal that the Jets had hoped would solidiy their offensive line.  If Otah had been healthy he would have probably been able to win the starting job but that point is moot now.

Otah’s future in the NFL is up in the air now.  It is not known yet whether the Panthers will try to keep Otah and hope for the best or work out an injury settlement and get rid of him.  If he is released by the Panthers it might mean the end of his career.  Not many teams saw Otah as a reliable piece to their offensive line puzzle and now after failing two physicals that list is probably nonexistent now.

The New York Jets gave up a conditional draft choice for Otah’s rights but that pick will obviously be staying with the Jets.