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Dallas Cowboys Owner Tells Dez Bryant To Grow Up

Well that didn’t take very long. Just a day after Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he hadn’t talked to troubled wide receiver Dez Bryant because he was “too pissed” at him, Jones today told ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio, via The Dan Patrick Show, that Bryant needs to “grow up.”

Better late than never I guess.

Jones went on to say that “He’s got to come on, step up and accept responsibility.” There was more from the owner on Bryant: “I’m demanding that he work through it. He must do it or we can’t count on him.”

Finally Jones makes some sense. If he would have said that a few weeks ago, he could have avoided a great deal of ridicule and rightly so.

I believe the message Jones is sending to Bryant is the correct one and Jones seems to have an accurate assessment of the situation by telling Bryant to take responsibility for his actions. If Jones has this good of a handle on it, what took him so long to talk about it? He’s talking about responsibility as if he’s had any in the past few weeks.

Never a dull moment with the Dallas Cowboys and their owner but perhaps they could use a silent one or two.