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New York Giants 3rd on Associated Press NFL Pro 32 Power Rankings

One of the most popular and subsequently most non-important aspects of the NFL season we love, as fans, are the many power rankings various sites provide. We like to hear what analysts, who are supposed to be subjective, have to say about our favorite teams. More often than not, a good note from an analysts means he knows what he’s talking about, but the moment he badmouths your team, he’s an idiot.

Of course, here at Rant Sports we had to have our own collaborative Power Rankings. The Associated Press also saw fit to rank the 32 teams in the NFL in what they call the NFL Pro 32 Power Rankings. It’s essentially the college football top 25 with the NFL teams. First place votes are worth 32 points, and last place votes are worth one point.

The New York Giants came in at No. 3 on the AP poll. This is a respectable number, but like I said in my reaction to our own Power Rankings, the defending champs deserve to be on top until proven otherwise.

Ahead of the Giants are the Green Bay Packers at No. 1 and New England Patriots at No. 2. This should come as no surprise as both teams were the No. 1 seeds in their respective conferences last year and have two of the top three quarterbacks in the league.

However, the Giants—at full strength—defeated both of these teams en route to their Super Bowl title. They beat the Packers handily on the road and bested the Patriots once again on the neutral Super Bowl spectacle.

By most accounts, despite losing Mario Manningham and Brandon Jacobs, the Giants are a better team than their 2011 version. They are getting a slew of players back from injury that were lost for the 2011 season. If they can stay healthy this will be a much deeper and better team.

I suppose a consolation prize is the Giants getting the same amount of first place votes as Green Bay with five.

The AP and everyone else who does not put the Giants No. 1 is getting it wrong.


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