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New York Giants Owner John Mara Doesn’t Respond to Jerry Jones….and It’s Perfect

New York Giants owner John Mara was asked about Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about his comments about beating the Giants in the season opener. His response? Absolutely nothing. That’s the perfect response though.

The Giants don’t need to get in a war of words with the Cowboys owner. There really isn’t any reason for it. The team motto of talk is cheap play the game is just the way the Giants should keep it. It’s exactly what  Jones wants them to do. Jones right now is more famous for talking then for the team he has put together on the field. Don’t get me wrong, Jones is clearly a smart businessman and knows what he’s doing (Super Bowl tickets notwithstanding), but when you say things and you don’t live up to them, you look foolish. Just ask Rex Ryan.

The Giants are known for their workmanlike approach. They believe in just going about your business and work as hard as you can and good things will happen. It generally has for the Giants especially in the past few seasons. It’s not their style to get in a war of words with anyone, let alone their biggest rival.

A few Giants were asked about it, including former Cowboy Martellus Bennett who also had no comment. This is the best things the Giants can do. As they say, talk is cheap play the game. That’s exactly what the Giants will do, especially opening night.