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NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys May Want Felix Jones and Dez Bryant For Return Teams

The Dallas Cowboys have had their problems recently with their return units, both on kickoff and punt returns. It’s not that the Cowboys don’t have the players to do the jobs, it’s just they’ve been hesitant to allow them to do so.

During his career, Felix Jones has returned one kickoff for a touchdown and Dez Bryant has two punt returns for touchdowns, so it makes sense that each player would get a chance at doing the jobs. However, the Cowboys have been slow to warm to the idea of these players returning kicks because of their value to the team in other areas. In Jones’ case, the Cowboys shied away in the past because he was either the starting running back or they wanted to monitor his total touches throughout the year. It makes sense given his injury history.

Dez Bryant’s opportunities to return punts have been limited because of the Cowboys lack of depth at wide receiver and because of his propensity to fight for yards on every given play. That feistiness has gotten Bryant banged up a little too much for the teams liking, especially considering he got hurt on his first return last year and according to some people, Bryant never returned to full strength.

All of that might be changing, Cowboys Vice President Stephen Jones said recently he would like to see both Felix Jones and Dez Bryant back to return kicks this year. Not quite as interesting as some of the stuff that has come out of his dad’s mouth, but it will be something to watch during training camp.

Both players would add explosion to the return game but it remains to be seen if the Cowboys want to risk any type of injury to a couple of their top play makers.