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Tom Coughlin Strongly Defends Tyler Sash After 4-Game Suspension

It is never fun when you hear bad news about your favorite team, and the New York Giants provided bad news when they announced yesterday the NFL suspended second-year pro Tyler Sash for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Sash had a prescription from his doctor for the drug Adderall, which is on the banned substance list. Sash pleaded ignorance but did not back away from the allegations.

Runningback Andre Brown got his suspension for the same drug lifted earlier this offseason, but Sash would not compare himself to Brown.

“I think everybody’s situation is a little different so I can’t really compare myself to Andre. I just put something in my body that I had a prescription from my doctor for. But I am a professional and I need to handle myself in a professional manner, meaning I need to know all the rules. At that time I was not informed and I have to own up to my mistake and suffer the consequences. I just have to look at the positives, like the fact that I’m still on the team. I’m still going to practice and go through with all the preseason games. I’m excited about that.”

The NFL did not grant Sash the same luxury as Brown, denying his appeal.

“They basically just denied it. I just got the call yesterday. This has been going on with me since April right before OTAs, so I’ve been dealing with this for a while now.” Sash said.

Like any head coach should when it is a situation like this, Tom Coughlin defended Sash, saying the drug policy needs “common sense.”

“This kid really had no intention of doing anything illegal. I know what the definition of the rule is and understand all about that. [But] sometimes you think maybe common sense needs to be involved in this. I feel bad for the kid. He is a heart and soul football player. He takes everything he has and puts it into the game and loves to play. There is no issue with this guy. He doesn’t need any watchdog over him. Ignorance is not an excuse for (breaking) the law, I understand. But if he knows what is expected, he does it.”

This is an unfortunate situation for a guy that was expected to see an increased role on defense with the Giants having not brought back Deon Grant. Now, combined with the Terrell Thomas injury, Grant may be on the Giants’ radar.

Sash will serve his suspension and be ready to go by Week Five.


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