Tony Romo Accurately Ranked 9th Among QBs in Madden NFL 13

It’s that time of year again; the newest edition of the hottest football video game hits the shelves and the rankings of Madden NFL 13 are being scrutinized. Every player wants to know their ranking and why. Well, if Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is reading this, let’s begin.

The QB ranking are as follows: Aaron Rodgers: 99, Tom Brady: 98, Drew Brees: 98, Eli Manning: 97, Ben Roethlisberger: 95, Peyton Manning: 93,Philip Rivers: 92, Matthew Stafford: 91, Romo: 90 and Michael Vick: 89.

First off, it’s a crime that the eldest Manning is ranked behind the younger brother, but Denver Broncos columnist Mark Stringer has already covered that. Romo’s ranking of 90 is pretty accurate, although Rivers being ranked higher than him is questionable. Other than that, Madden got it right.

Both of the Mannings are obviously better, both in numbers and wins. Rodgers, Brady and Brees are on a whole different level, so their rankings are justified as well. Roethlisberger isn’t incredibly consistent, but neither is Romo and the former has two rings. Stafford is in the history books with a 5,000-yard season in his first full year, so the fact Rivers is ahead of him is a crime. Vick is lucky to be in the top 10. Period.

Now this isn’t Pick on Rivers Day, but he shouldn’t be ahead of Stafford or Romo. He hasn’t won anything, literally, and his character concerns are a lot worse than most people think. That’s not to say Romo is a medaled field general, but he’s got a better head on his shoulders than Rivers.

As for Stafford, the sky is literally the limit for this kid. He’s obviously got the talent and plenty of help around him (i.e. Calvin Johnson), so he’s on his way.

If Romo doesn’t like his generous ranking of 90 he can do something about it during the 2012 season. It seems like everyone in the Cowboys’ organization is talking these days, but he’s not. That’s good for a guy who has disappointed the Dallas faithful so much they’ve called for his head on more than one occasion.

However, Romo holds the key to the success of America’s Team. One ring vaults him into top five quarterback status, just ask Rodgers and Brees. He has the capability to lead one of the league’s highest-powered offenses to the Promised Land if his idiot owner and moronic coach don’t get in the way. So it’s not all on him, but he knows as well as anyone that the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys gets the credit or the blame for all the franchise’s accomplishments and failures.

Time to put up or shut up, Romo. While your’e at it, tell Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett to do the same. Maybe next year you’ll get a higher ranking in Madden.

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