Ex-New York Giants Quarterback Phil Simms says Eli, Coughlin are Hall of Famers

By jason evans

Ex- New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms has become one of the best analysts in football. He’s actually been the source of some interesting quotes as well. One of them was said today, as he declared Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin hall of famers. Here’s what he said:

“Here we were five years ago, before the Giants won their first Super Bowl, and all the talk that year was maybe the Giants need to bring another quarterback in and Tom Coughlin’s in trouble,”

“Now they both absolutely one day will go in the Hall of Fame.

“Eli has been a real clutch quarterback. When you talk about why, never underestimate who he plays for and how he’s been groomed.”

Phil may be 100% right. I think Coughlin if he retired tomorrow, would end up in the hall of fame. Between what he did with the Jacksonville Jaguars by leading them to the AFC Championship game in their second year, and being the head coach of two Super Bowl winning Giants teams, he’s going to get in. The only coaches who aren’t in who have won more than one Super Bowl are Tom Flores and for some reason Bill Parcells.

Eli, if he retired tomorrow, wouldn’t be. Yes he has the two rings, however his regular seasons have been too inconsistent. He’s got plenty of good years in front of him and even some more Super Bowl rings. Eli proved he should be mentioned among the elite quarterbacks last year, but one elite season doesn’t make a career.

Eli Manning is getting better and better every year as a quarterback. He might even have a better season then he did last year. He’s not a hall of famer quite yet, however he could be one day. It’s too early to judge. In a few years he just might be though.

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