Jason Garrett Basically Admits He's Another "Yes Man" for Jerry Jones

By Jeric Griffin
Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett Dallas Cowboys press conference
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Regardless of what anyone says, this is still the same old Dallas Cowboys. Team owner Jerry Jones caused a stir on Sunday by talking about “glory holes” and then told Dallas fans at Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, Calif., that his team would beat the New York Giants‘ expletive. Then head coach Jason Garrett said some horse radish about the Cowboys having “excellent leadership” and now the red-headed Princeton grad has confirmed the greatest fear of Cowboys Nation: he’s a “yes man.”

When asked about Jones’ outlandish comments earlier in the week, Garrett had the following spineless remark:

“He can do anything he wants,” Garrett said.

Ok, so this is true. Jones owns the franchise, which Garrett pointed out, so no one can fire him, despite the contrary wishes of a majority of the Dallas faithful. However, a head coach has a responsibility to make sure his players know he’s in charge. There are numerous things Garrett could have said there that would have been better, like “I’m not guaranteeing we’ll beat the Giants, but we’re going to be ready for that game.” Any lame line would have been better than virtually “I’m just Jerry’s puppet.”

Every since Jones ran Jimmy Johnson out of town, the Cowboys have had a long line of “yes men” running the program. What’s a yes man, you ask? It’s a man Jones hires to pretend he’s the head coach of the Cowboys, but his real job is just to say “yes” to anything his boss desires.

If Garrett had a spine, he would have said publicly it was his fault the Cowboys blew four 12-point, fourth-quarter leads last season. If he wasn’t a yes man, he wouldn’t have said the Cowboys weren’t rebuilding before the 2011 season began and then said the exact opposite after the disastrous 8-8 campaign was complete.

Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said earlier this week “it can’t be the same old story” with this team in 2012. The sad truth is this story is a lot older than Witten realizes and it’s more evident now than ever before.

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