NFL Rumors: Despite Some Speculative League Talk, Philadelphia Eagles Are An NFC Favorite

By Frank Benditt III

The Philadelphia Eagles are the favorite to come out of the NFC East.  Many writers are inciting sources that say otherwise.  The truth is, the Eagles are currently the darling of the NFL, boasting a roster that is superb.

The Eagles’ offense is superb.  With the a top three running back (LeSean McCoy) and a tandem of top wide receivers (Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson), the offense is explosive.  Quarterback Michael Vick will assuredly have a stellar season, along with tight end Brent Celek.

The Eagles’ defense is completely re-bolstered.  Middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans will provide the stability and leadership the team desperately needs.

Most pundits do believe the Eagles will be a team to contend with in 2012.  With a terrific offense and an improved defense, the Eagles are on the rise.

The talk about the team fading is completely misunderstood.   Anyone who follows the Eagles knows that they are poised for a tremendous season.


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