NFL Rumors: Is Deal Between Jacksonville Jaguars and Justin Blackmon Imminent?

By Joey Farbo

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been in training camp for a week now, but their first-round draft pick Justin Blackmon remains the only unsigned draft pick from this past April’s NFL Draft.

While the new rookie slotting system put into effect by the new collective bargaining agreement was supposed to make hold outs by draft picks a thing of the past, Blackmon’s contract hold up has nothing to do with the amount of money he will receive in his contract. Since Blackmon was the fifth pick in the draft, he is expected to receive a deal for four-years and worth about $19.5 million.

The hang up with Blackmon’s deal stems from an incident back in June in which he was arrested for aggravated DUI in Stillwater, Okla. The Jaguars are concerned with Blackmon’s less than stellar history with alcohol and are looking to protect themselves in the case that these problems arise again in the next four years.

Recently much has been made of the fact that Blackmon is being represented by agent Todd France, who represents New York Giants defensive back Price Amukamara the last first-round pick to sign last year. France is serving his client and trying to get him the best deal possible, but his client has no leg to stand on given the nature of his offense.

It is time for Blackmon to stop holding out and report to camp. If Blackmon is as confident that this was only a one time incident then he should have no issue with the Jaguars adding language into his contract to protect themselves.

There have been rumors that both sides are talking daily and are having good communication. I have to believe that both sides are starting to get desperate to get the deal done and have Blackmon in camp.

Whether that means a deal gets done tomorrow or this weekend remains to be seen, but I think the Jaguars will have their new wide receiver in camp by next week.

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