Awesome Photo of Jacksonville Jaguars Doing Yoga in the Locker Room

By Jeff Shull

Maybe the key to winning football games is doing yoga in training camp. It appears the Jacksonville Jaguars are attempting anything to win football games, because what they’ve been doing hasn’t been working of late. Thanks to this awesome picture provided by Peter King of Sports Illustrated, we got an inside look of how dedicated the Jaguars are to winning.

I’m not sure I’d be thrilled with doing yoga if I played professional football, but I suppose making millions of dollars takes your mind of looking stupid for half an hour. Hey, they may not win a ton this year, but at least they’ll look good stretching during pre-game warmups.

Maybe that will get fans in the stands.

Or maybe the yoga will help fix an offense that was, well, terrible in 2011. To say the passing game was a joke is an insult to comedians everywhere. Rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert took over, and you almost felt sorry for him. The Jaguars receivers could not get open if their life depended on it; Gabbert was forced to hold the ball and took a beating for it.

This offseason the Jaguars made a concerted effort to find weapons. They signed former Dallas Cowboys receiver Laurent Robinson, who had a breakout 2011 campaign, and drafted troubled yet dominant receiver Justin Blackmon. Blackmon is the only first round pick left unsigned and Maurice Jones-Drew is in the midst of a hold out.

As if things couldn’t go more wrong for this franchise.

Hopefully the Jaguars can turn it around, otherwise we could be talking about them moving to Los Angeles.


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