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Former Philadelphia Eagles President Joe Banner to Officially Join Cleveland Browns

It’s amazing how fast things have changed in Philadelphia.

Just one year ago, Philadelphia Eagles president Joe Banner was one of the most talkative men at training camp, openly speaking about the team being “all-in” as they acquired six former Pro Bowl players during the duration of training camp.

But the Eagles lost as many games as they won during 2011, as we all remember, and just a couple of months ago, Banner was out as the Eagles president, following a shakeup that still hasn’t fully been explained.

The Eagles said that he would remain with the team but he was essentially a free agent. Now he is a member of the Cleveland Browns.

He is part of a group that just purchased the Cleveland Browns for more than $1 million, led by Jimmy Haslam.

It was expected by the Eagles that Banner would head somewhere else after he stepped down as Philly’s president. After all, taking part ownership in an NFL team was a lifelong dream of his, and the 59-year old will finally see it recognized in Cleveland.

It remains to be seen whether the Browns will keep Tom Heckert as the general manager or Mike Holmgren as the president.

Current Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie had the following to say about Banner: “Whatever Joe chooses, he’s going to be very successful and there’s no question about it. A lot of people at a similar age, they may want to count their successes and relax more and head into a slower version of retirement. This guy is the opposite. I have so much respect for him and he’s ready for something that is stimulating, challenging, and difficult. We should all be so lucky to have that adrenaline to be so motivated and smart. I can’t imagine having someone not take advantage of the opportunity of what he wants to pursue.”

The Eagles face the Browns every four seasons. Ironically that year is this year, and to add to the irony, the Eagles and Browns play in week 1 in Cleveland.

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