NFL Rumors: Andy Dalton Struggling With The Deep Ball

By Joshua Casey

Last season one of the many surprises for the Cincinnati Bengals was the stellar play of rookie quarterback Andy Dalton. The rookie out of TCU started from day one, and led the Bengals to a playoff berth. Of course having A.J green didn’t hurt either, but nevertheless Dalton was a surprise last season. Now, in his second season, Dalton is being expected to at least match, if not exceed, his numbers from last season. The Bengals went out and addressed some of their key issues in the 2012 NFL draft, corner, guard, and the defensive line.

Bengals fans now want to see Dalton and Green connect more often, while at the same time racking up the wins en route to a deep playoff run. But, before the 2012-2013 season has even started, things may be starting to go south for the Bengals. According to Joe Reedy, of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Dalton has been “inconsistent” with his deep ball passing so far in training camp. Reedy also pointed out that, from what he saw, Green and Dalton have been on the same page regarding routes and such, it’s with wide receivers besides Green where Dalton is having trouble.

Dalton, as mentioned before, did very well in his rookie season, throwing for 3,398 yards, 20 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. But fans don’t care what you did last season, fans live by the phrase, what have you done for me lately? If Dalton regresses this season he will have to once again have to hear the talk that he is nothing more than a game managing quarterback, similar to Alex Smith of theSan Francisco 49ers.  Dalton has not gotten rid of those marks on his game with just one good season, but he has diminished the talk.

Going into his rookie season Dalton was not expected to do well at all, going into his second, he is expected to do big things. A year can change a lot. Still, though if these rumors of Dalton struggling are true, then the Bengals, and Dalton could be in for a rough season.


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