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Washington Redskins’ Season Tickets Are an Epic Fail

When you receive your season tickets in the mail, for those that have them, it’s supposed to be a moment of excitement as the football season nears. Of course, Washington Redskins fans don’t need tickets to excite them, they’ve been stoked since Washington executed a trade with the St. Louis Rams to select Robert Griffin III  2nd overall in the 2012 NFL draft.

I’m sure it’s a daunting task for PR, or whoever is in charge of designing, writing, and printing season tickets. Unfortunately for Washington all that hard work – or lack thereof,  went to waste due to two major mistakes on tickets distributed to fans earlier this week.

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So apparently, Roy Helu Jr. is now Robert Helu Jr. and London Fletcher – the team captain out of all people, now wears #58 rather than the #59 he’s worn throughout his NFL career.

“It was a mistake and we’re sorry it happened,” Redskins senior vice president of communications Tony Wyllie told Dan Steinberg of the Sports Bog.

That’s a huge mistake and embarrassing on their behalf. Not every player gets to receive the honor of being on a Redskins’ season ticket. Those are two marquee players and I’m beyond confused as to how these tickets where printed and shipped without anyone noticing.

Another interesting tidbit is, longtime tight end and fan favorite – Chris Cooley is nowhere to be found on the season tickets. According to season ticket holders, he’s on them every year. Are the Redskins sending Cooley an indirect statement? Or maybe that was just another “mistake.”

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