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Kansas City Chiefs Should Explore Avenues Leading to WR Wes Welker

People love to say it.  “This guy reminds me of [New England Patriots WR] Wes Welker” and “that guy is like a poor man’s Welker.”  For many years, Welker has been a model WR and  has served as the gold standard for teams training players at that position.  Now imagine if a team that has been saying all of these things actually had the chance to acquire the real Welker.  Given the latest contractual fallout between Welker and the Patriots organization, this situation could quickly become a reality.  If Welker wants to go elsewhere, some lucky team may have the chance to land the acclaimed WR.

Enter the Kansas City Chiefs.  Ever since general manager Scott Pioli came over from the Patriots, the Chiefs have had Patriots connections practically everywhere, even to the point of some media calling the Chiefs “the Patriots of the AFC West.”  The headline example of this is obviously quarterback Matt Cassel, who backed up Tom Brady.  Given this tight connection and the relationship these two teams share, could it be possible for the Chiefs to acquire Welker?  What would the Chiefs have to include to make such a trade possible?

This is where Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe comes in.  Like with Welker and the Patriots, Bowe and the Chiefs also failed to come to terms on a long-term deal for their WR, and Bowe, to this day, remains a training camp holdout.  Could the Chiefs offer up Bowe and some sort of draft pick incentive to get Welker?  How much would the Chiefs have to give up for this deal?  I think it largely depends on Bowe’s production this year.  If he produces about the same as he has throughout his career with the Chiefs, and there’s no real reason to think he won’t (unless he starts missing significant camp time or gets injured), the Chiefs likely wouldn’t have to give up too much in this trade.  Also consider that with the New England connection, the Chiefs will likely have the inside track to get the Patriots WR, so it could very well be their deal to lose.

If you’re the Chiefs, I say you absolutely do this if the opportunity arises.  It’s not that Jonathan Baldwin can’t be the number one WR, but you don’t want him to have to be at this stage of his career.  You know what you have out of Bowe, he’s obviously dissatisfied with being a Chief, and Welker has been a great weapon for the Patriots over the years.  Welker and the Patriots reportedly aren’t too happy with each other, so why not try to make a trade when the time is right?  Now, it is true that Welker has had the benefit of being thrown to by Brady, and furthermore, that Cassel is definitely no Brady.  But I think that when an opportunity to seriously improve your team comes about, you have to take it.  Are there going to be risks?  Obviously, there will be.  In the NFL, nothing is without some sort of risk.  It is true that sometimes risks lead to negative consequences.  But on the flipside, it’s those risks that have the potential to lead to championships.  And those are the ones I believe the Chiefs should be willing to take if they are to get to the big dance in the near future.  I’m David Abeyta and that’s my opinion.