New Orleans Saints Rank Ninth In The First Ever AP Pro32 Power Rankings

By Alejandro Aviles

As we get closer to the start of the NFL season some power rankings are coming out ranking all of the teams. In the first ever AP Pro32 power rankings the New Orleans Saints are ranked ninth. The rankings are based on the AP’s top 25 football and basketball rankings and this is the first time the AP has ranked NFL teams.

Even though the Saints finished with a 13-3 record last season they were only ranked ninth. However, the Saints’ ranking seems like a fair place given everything that has happened during the offseason. Furthermore, in the Rant Sports offseason power rankings the Saints were ranked eleventh.

Most critics are not expecting too much from the Saints this season given that they will be without suspended head coach, Sean Payton. There are also other suspensions to various coaches, management, and players on the Saints as a result of the bounty gate scandal. The Saints seem like they are set up for a disaster season and that all of the offseason troubles will catch up to them. However, let’s look at some of the things the Saints accomplished during this offseason.

One thing the Saints did this offseason was constantly make great signings to improve their roster. Also, the Saints hired new defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo, who will give the Saints’ defense a new look as they look to improve.

Despite losing their great offensive guard, Carl Nicks, the Saints were able to survive by signing offensive guard, Ben Grubbs. The Saints will not lose a step with Grubbs in the lineup and he was less expensive than Nicks. Furthermore, the Saints were able to retain their best wide receiver, Marques Colston, as they signed him to a five year deal.

The biggest and most important move the Saints made all season was signing star quarterback, Drew Brees, to a record breaking five year $100 million contract. The signing of Brees was the best move the Saints could have made because he will be instrumental to the Saints having success this season.

In the first AP Pro32 ranking the Saints are in the top ten at number nine but as the season goes on they can easily move up the power rankings.


Alejandro Aviles is the Featured Writer for the New Orleans Saints at Rant Sports.

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