NFL Rumors: Could Kenny Britt Be Out as a Tennessee Titan?

By Stephanie Umek

Yeah sure Kenny Britt is still a great athlete there is no doubt about that, but all of the problems that he has been having are starting to have an impact on the Tennessee Titans, that frankly, they cannot afford.

With three knee surgeries in the books and a few more DUIs this off-season the Titans need to seriously weigh their options when it comes to their wide receivers.

Receiver Marcus Harris was just signed to a contract with the Titans, and while he doesn’t have nearly as much experience as Britt does, he is going to provide for a new, fresh breath for this Nashville team that is so desperately craving a playoff appearance.

Last week before camp even started, head coach Mike Munchak admitted to the media that Britt may not be in the best condition to play football, physically or mentally.

“For us to do a knee-jerk reaction— in any case, not just Kenny — would be wrong by us or by me. At some point the right thing will be done by the league and by us if it needs to be done.”

But even his own teammates are questioning where his priorities are at considering all the trouble he got in during the offseason.

But fellow teammate, Jason McCourty, who has known Britt probably the longest out of everyone in the franchise, considering they were teammates at Rutgers also, said that he wouldn’t rule him out just yet.

“A lot of people are disappointed, but it is hard to form judgments when you don’t have all the details. I know I have continued to see the change in him … and I know the person he is and the person he can be. I am still excited to see where he is going to be and where his career is going to go.”

I don’t know yet if I believe that he can pull through, and obviously the Titans franchise is covering their side of things with signing another wide receiver. Two weeks of camp and preseason, I guess we will see soon enough.

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