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NFL Rumors: Philadelphia Eagles Guard Evan Mathis Suffering From Vertigo

You hear about NFL players getting all kinds of injuries throughout training camp. Knee sprains, ligament pulls, concussions, even broken bones.

But Philadelphia Eagles left guard Evan Mathis is probably the only NFL player who is dealing with vertigo.

That’s right. Vertigo.

Head coach Andy Reid says that Mathis has an inner ear infection. Delaware Courier-Post writer Geoff Mosher reports that Mathis is suffering from vertigo as a result of his ear infection.

Specifically, he has been dealing with dizziness and issues with keeping his balance. Those are the main symptoms of the condition.

The good news is that Mathis is almost healed from his vertigo, which has kept him out of practice for a few days. When he is fully healed, he will return to practices, which is good news for the Eagles.

They need Mathis, who signed a five-year, $25 million deal as a free agent in the offseason, to have a big year in 2012, especially with the loss of star left tackle Jason Peters, who is out for the year with a ruptured Achilles.

While Mathis has been out, the Eagles have been using Dallas Reynolds in Mathis’s place as the first team left guard. Reynolds can play both center and guard and is one of a number of players fighting to make the team this season.

Reynolds, 28, is competing for a roster spot for what could be the final time. The 28-year old linemen has been on the practice squad for the Eagles for the past three seasons and is not eligible to be on the practice squad for a fourth consecutive year. So either he makes the team this season or he is permanently cut.

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