NFL Rumors: Tennessee Titans Training Camp Jake Locker Seems to be the Favorite

By Stephanie Umek

It was rumored this past Tuesday during the Tennessee Titans’ training camp that it looks like quarterback Jake Locker is favored over veteran Matt Hasselbeck.

Locker has been looking good at training camp and Hasselbeck knows he is losing ground. “I could do better, I could definitely do better.” Hasselbeck said to the media earlier this week.

Things he mentioned he would like to work on included calling plays better, introducing new concepts and making better decisions and better throws.

It’s not that Hasselbeck is playing poorly, Locker is younger and he has a lot of energy. I still think Hasselbeck has at the very least one more year left in him. Locker is still young and he has a lot of learning to do. There is a lot he can learn from Hasselbeck. Stuff can happen throughout the next couple of weeks during training camp, but if I had to make a better judgment, Hasselbeck would still be the starting quarterback when the Titans play the New England Patriots.

According to NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi, he expressed his opinion on “Inside Training Camp Live” stating he could tell during practice that Locker was favored.

What I like most about Jake Locker is the fact he is staying humble through all of the compliments he is getting. He also still really looks up to Matt Hasselbeck. He thinks his moves are underappreciated on the field.

“I think he’s good with those naked (bootlegs), change-of-direction things,” Locker said. “He throws really well on the run. I think it’s a negative perception that he gets wrongfully because he’s really good at it and does a good job with it.”

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