QB Michael Vick’s Dynasty Comments Optimistic, But Not Realistic

Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Vince Young, once talked of how the Eagles were going to be this dream team of players who would be a force to be reckoned with in the NFL.  On the fast track to 4-12, last season, they were able to salvage their season and finish with some dignity at .500.  Now Young is with the Buffalo Bills, so it look as if quarterback Michael Vick feels like he’s got to do some talking.  He must be really high on his team, because he was quoted recently saying, “I think we have a chance to be [like the great teams of the past]. I think we have a chance to develop a dynasty.”

Hmm, that’s interesting.  Because what I saw last season was a team who underwhelmed the football world last season.  Week after week, in the beginning, the Eagles couldn’t get a win to save their lives, and players were losing faith in the team.  As mentioned, the Eagles were able to pull themselves out of their slump and were long-shots to win the NFC East (which would have been quite a feat considering their poor start).

Now let’s clarify something: there’s nothing wrong with saying your team is going to succeed and do well.  In fact, if you don’t believe that you will do well, most of the time, you won’t.  That’s one of the reasons players like New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees or Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson are so successful: they know they have the stuff it takes to go out and win football games, so even if they don’t win, they can walk out with their heads held high knowing they believed in themselves and gave it their best shot.

However, it’s an entirely different thing to talk about becoming a dynasty when your team fails to make the playoffs on a consistent basis.  Because in order to become a team dynasty, your team has to not only be playoff relevant come December, your team has to be Super Bowl relevant when late January rolls around.

Now, there are differing thoughts on what constitutes the makings of a team dynasty.  For me, I think that a team trying to become a dynasty has to win more than one Super Bowl in a short period of time (not necessarily back-to-back) to be considered.  But, no matter how you define the word dynasty, one thing should be fairly agreeable to everyone: Vick needs to worry about getting his team to the playoffs consistently, first, before he starts talking about making history with his squad, because as things stand right now, they’re pretty far away from doing that.  I’m David Abeyta and that’s my opinion.

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  • Jason

    It amazes me that people are overly critical of comments like this. At the end of the day, Vick is just saying he has confidence in his team. People in the media as well as people who just don’t like Vick/Eagles find any possible outlet to turn nothing into something. If Vick said they have a “chance” to develop a dynasty, what’s the problem? I mean he said “chance”. He didn’t say watch this America; We’re going to go out and win the next 3 Super Bowls I guarantee it. You say they fail to “make” the playoffs on a consistent basis. That is false. They “make” the playoffs usually with no problem. The issue is getting deep into the playoffs and making a Super Bowl push. You can say that it’s unrealistic, but I don’t know how you figure that. They have the talent on both sides of the ball. It really will come down to how hard they work and how well they play together and most importantly, Vick’s health. I tell you though; Michael Vick spends nearly the whole offseason in the weight room and the film room and nobody says a word. He utters the word dynasty and the flood gates open lol. Lets just let the season play out.

    • David Abeyta

      Thank you for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate comments like yours that go into explanation. (You wouldn’t believe how many comments I get saying
      stuff along the lines of “you’re wrong, that’s just stupid” and nothing else.)