Washington Redskins: Unlike Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder Knows His Place

By Ricky Allen

Say what you want about Washington Redskins Owner Dan Snyder, but he knows his place.

Don’t get me wrong: I, along with many of you out there have spewed words about him that would get me fired from this  blog. What Redskins fan hasn’t?

At the Redskins Fan Appreciation Day Saturday, he kept it simple. He’s pleased with Robert Griffin III as a player and a person and said, “We’re excited to have him”.  He also said everyone feels pretty good about the future.

“It’s a big deal for everybody,” he said.

And just like that, he was done.  There was no trash talk. No concerns, no worries.

No matter what people say about him right now you gotta respect that. When it comes to the NFC East, no division has had a more colorful time with their owners than the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins.  However, it seems that there’s a rip in the vortex: Snyder’s visibility in regards to the team hasn’t been what it used to be. General manager Bruce Allen, along with head coach Mike Shanahan have taken the lead with the media, and the most we hear about are Snyder’s buying exploits.

For example, the media lost their mind reporting about Snyder’s acquisition of a mega yacht he named the Lady Anne.  That’s…about…it.

He’s an owner. It’s his money.  Why would I, the fan, care? Let him golf, sail, visit the moon, do whatever—As long as he allows Allen and Shanahan to do their jobs and is not trying to mimic the actions of  Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones:

  • He’s announcing changes in their secondary.
  • He’s talking about giving PacMan Jones another chance, and blames himself for his problems.
  • He said they are going to kick the New York Giants’ rear ends (PG-Rated).

Is this a coach or an owner?  I can’t tell the difference.  If I were him, I’d have to put things into perspective: If I was the person paying everyone else, you know—the tip of the spear, the person doing the most talking would be them, not me. My nickname would be “The Money” and they’d see me in the owner’s box with my feet kicked up good or bad.  I wouldn’t have a red phone at the bench, mine would be green. Men in black suits would deliver my messages.  Jerry Jones has lost his sense of self due to his worries about the team’s future, and he’s getting in everyone’s way. He’s scared, and it’s beginning to show.

At least Snyder has found his place in being just an owner. You got to respect that, if nothing else about the man.  Yeah, he’s come a long way to get to that point, but at least he’s arrived, unlike Jones.

Ricky Allen is a Washington Redskins Blogger with Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @UltimateRedskin



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