Cincinnati Bengals: Perennial Disappointment Derrick Harvey Released

By Joshua Casey

Nearly every year in the NFL you hear the story of a prospect who came out of college, was a can’t miss, ended up missing in the NFL, and is now struggling to keep his career alive. Well, the Cincinnati Bengals are one of the latest teams to release one such player, the once promising defensive end Derrick Harvey. Harvey was projected as a “lock first-round selection”, and “simply a beast as a pass rusher, with his speed equal to his strength. While Harvey was selected in the first-round, the Jacksonville Jaguars traded up 18 spots in the 2008 NFL draft to select him, he was anything but a beast as a pass rusher.

In his short three year career thus far Harvey has only managed eight total sacks, the total opposite of what he managed to do while at Florida. At Florida, Harvey was a beast on the field, finishing off the Gators season with a three sack performance, a tackle, recovered fumble, and defensive MVP honors, all while destroying the favored Ohio State Buckeyes and winning the 2007 BCS National Championship.

So, why the disappointing NFL career? Well it doesn’t seem like Harvey has gotten into trouble off the field, and one of the negatives on him coming into the NFL was if he could gain a little more athleticism, and strength. Harvey also lacked the speed, and quickness to be effective in the NFL. So with all of this being said, it comes as no surprise that the Bengals have indeed terminated the contract of Harvey. Harvey is not the only 2008 draft prospect to be a bust.

Jeff Otah, the 19th overall pick by the Carolina Panthers in 2008, recently had his contract terminated afterOtah failed a physical, stopping a trade that would have sent him to the New York Jets. And, recently, wide receiver Devin Thomas, the 34th overall pick by the Washington Redskins in 2008, announced his retirement after only amounting a disappointing 43 receptions in his career. Thomas was entering camp with the Chicago Bears


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