In Light of Recent Tragedy, Is Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid Still on Hot Seat?

By Beta311

The news of the passing of Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid‘s oldest son, Garrett, both shocked and saddened the football world.  Any time anybody, currently or formerly, tied in with the NFL passes away, I always tend to remember how precious life truly is and think about how quickly it can be taken away.  My most sincere thoughts and prayers are with the Reid family as they cope with this loss.  I can’t imagine living to see a child die and what kind of fortitude it would take to carry on with life.  It’s something I am hopeful I never have to experience.  I believe that even those who are not aligned with the Eagles ought to, at the very least, keep the Reid family in your thoughts and perhaps allow it to serve as a reminder of life’s brevity and unpredictability.

This isn’t a typical football story.  It doesn’t have anything to do with football, primarily.  But how does this tragedy affect Reid’s coaching tenure?  Assuming he doesn’t leave the Eagles, how do expectations shift for Reid?  Entering this season, the Eagles have been constantly mentioned as a team with tremendous pressure to get to the playoffs and to make a real run at the Super Bowl.  The common thought was that Reid would be fired if the Eagles did not deliver a championship.  Some would say, even given what has happened with Reid’s son, that the expectations for Reid shouldn’t change at all.  I believe this is not only unrealistic, but sort of cold, even.  I understand coaching football is a job, but if Reid stays, I don’t believe there is any way you can fire him if the Eagles under-perform (especially if the Eagles end up having an okay season).

I think that, while we don’t initially want this to affect football in any way, that it has to.  I would contend that Reid can’t be fired after this season because of this.  Now, in a couple of years, if the Eagles continue to disappoint, that’s another discussion, and I think we would certainly see Reid fired should that scenario come to pass.  But for the time being, if I were in charge of making the call on Reid’s job, should the Eagles perform below expectations again this season, I think I would give him a pass.  Give the man time to breathe and give him some slack.  As an NFL fan, I recognize this issue is much bigger than football, and would like to wish coach Reid the best for a successful season.  I’m David Abeyta and that’s my opinion.

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