NFL Rumors: Plaxico Burress Still an Option for New York Giants?

I think even if Plaxico Burress had signed with another team, there would still be rumors swirling about him signing with the New York Giants at some point. Maybe those rumors will stop when he turns 50. Just when you thought those rumors were dead, Giants general manager Jerry Reese brings you right back with his typical cliché nonsense.

“We keep all those options open. You never say never.”

Really? At some point you say never. Typically it happens when the player goes over the hill on his way to a retirement home. In Burress’ case, they should have said never when he inexplicably carried a glock into a New York night club in the band of his sweatpants, and shot himself in the leg.

He spent two years in prison as a result of the district attorney’s desire to make an example of Burress.

When he was granted his freedom, he turned down a one-year contract offer from the Giants to play with the New York Jets. In an interview with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, Burress burned all bridges with head coach Tom Coughlin, basically saying the two had a terrible relationship.

“My situation in New York, me and my coach had an ambivalent relationship to say the least. Some things that I didn’t agree with, with the way he went about things. And the only way to show my way was to just rebel. Is that who I am? No.

That was one of the biggest problems when I left Pittsburgh when I came here,” Burress added. “I had a relationship with Bill Cowher inside of football and outside of football. He always had an open-door policy to where you could come talk to him or tell him what was on your mind. When that was taken away from me, I kind of felt it was like: I’m the coach, you are the player. It doesn’t matter what you have to say. You just do what I tell you to do.”

OK. Bridges burned. Stop being so politically correct Reese. Who cares if Burress still has friends on the team? Come out and tell the world the truth: Burress will never again play for the Giants. Ever.


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