Washington Redskins: Observations From Hall Of Fame Game

I don’t care  it was a preseason game. It’s football. You should be tired of watching Reality TV.

The NFL Hall Of Fame Game showed how you move on in this business we call life. The New Orleans Saints, coming out of a off season of turmoil  due to the bounty scandal, came onto the field and looked solid. There were no goofs, no signs of dysfunction.

As a result, they beat the Arizona Cardinals 17-10. Drew Brees   completed 4 of 5 passes for 41 yards.

I thought the worst was going to happen, even in a preseason game.  However, I, like you, saw different.

What did we learn as Washington Redskins fans?

  •  The Saints’ are strong on the ground game. Secondary, stand by.
  •  Drew Brees is still Drew Brees, and their backup isn’t that bad either.
  • The entire team looked solid in their first preseason game. We should expect the same on their first regular season game when the Redskins come to town.

The Cards, to their credit looked good. However the Redskins have more weapons and so what works tonight won’t work Week 1.

This game, for the Saints, was all presentation. They had to come out and show they were OK sans head coach Sean Payton. This was all mental–if they had botched this first preseason game along with the replacement refs botching the coin toss, then mentally it was going to sink in.  They knew what we were all going to say:

“They’re still reeling from the bounty scandal”.

That can’t be used now, and the Redskins should not take them lightly. And because I know someone will say it: Yes, we know it’s preseason, but it may be the most important preseason you’ll ever watch.

Ricky Allen is a Washington Redskins Blogger with Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @UltimateRedskin.

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