Former New York Giants Receiver Plaxico Burress Owes NY State in Back Taxes

There may be a few reasons why Plaxico Burress is trying to not burn any bridges with the New York Giants or any other NFL teams. For one thing he wants to play football. For another, Uncle Sam is looking for him.

Plaxico owes over $59,000 in back taxes from 2007. It will obviously be a lot easier to pay that debt off if he is signed to a team and making money this season. There had been some rumors about maybe the Giants and the Oakland Raiders looking at him. Maybe the Seattle Seahawks will give him a look if Terrell Owens doesn’t sign.

Burress, as we all know, missed two years due to jail then signed with the New York Jets last year. He had 45 catches for 612 yards and eight touchdowns. If teams are giving Randy Moss and Owens a shot why not Plax? Plax didn’t put up the numbers he wanted to last year and it may not all be his fault. The Jets offense struggled at times last year, so much show that Tony Sparano is their new head coach.

The thing about possibly bringing Plax back is that it really isn’t the Giants style to bring in older players as free agents. Yes, the Giants have plenty of players who they have signed as free agents, but for the most part, they like to build through the draft. I think Plax will be playing in the NFL this year. I don’t think it will be for Big Blue.

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