Kenny Britt Visits with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

With eight run-ins with the law since he signed with the Tennessee Titans, Kenny Britt has become a bit of a chip on the team’s shoulder.

He is still participating in preseason training camp, but NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, wanted to have a little discussion with him today to get further into the mind of the wide receiver out of Nashville.

Instead of practicing today in Georgia in a combined training camp with the Atlanta Falcons, Britt traveled to New York where Goodell was waiting.

Britt could very well be facing a suspension due to all of his off-field issues during the offseason. This is due to the NFL’s personal-conduct policy.

Britt had no clue what to expect going into the meeting today stating, “I don’t know what to expect — a lot of questions”.

According to a Titans’ insider, it was a year ago when these two met last, in which Britt promised Goodell that there wouldn’t be any more problems off-field. Since then, approximately the same time as the NFL lockout, he has been arrested twice and turned himself in on two driver’s license-related warrants.

The specifics of the meeting have not been reported, but assuming that if there was going to be a suspension handed out, it would have been done today. Head coach Mike Munchak reported early yesterday that it was the first time that the team has heard from the NFL about meeting to talk about all the incidents.

Maybe there is still a threat of a suspension somewhere out there, or at the very least some kind of hefty fine. It might be something of that nature to get his head back into the game as the four-year wide receiver that everyone knows he can be.

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  • jimmytkc1

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