Should The Bears Be Concerned About The Health Of Brian Urlacher?

By Randy Holt

With so few storylines heading into this year’s training camp, the health of this Chicago Bears team was going to be a main focal point for everyone. And you can’t mention health with this team without mentioning Brian Urlacher.

Urlacher sprained his MCL and his PCL during last year’s season finale against the Minnesota Vikings. He sat out during OTAs, but declared himself completely ready to go once training camp was set to get under way. But we haven’t seen to much of Urlacher to this point in camp.

Sunday marked the fourth consecutive day of practice that Urlacher has missed, which has started to spark some concern among the Soldier Field faithful. Whether or not he’ll play in the preseason opener on Thursday against the Denver Broncos still has yet to be decided as well.

While there hasn’t been total panic yet, you can start to hear the level of concern growing. But should there really be too much worry over Brian Urlacher’s health? If you listen to the Bears, there is no reason to worry. Urlacher missing some practices was apparently part of the plan, given that this is his first real action on the field since the injury.

At this point, there is really no reason to worry about Urlacher. If this was a younger player without an outstanding track record, it might be a different story. On top of that fact, we haven’t even seen the first preseason game for this team yet. It’s still very early in the summer to be concerned about it.

Until we hear something to the contrary, or this is an issue that continues on throughout the preseason, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Brian Urlacher should absolutely still be expected to step out onto the field in Week 1 of the regular season.

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