Terrell Owens Vs. Randy Moss-Who's the better option in 2012?

By Curt Popejoy

With yesterday’s signing of wide receiver Terrell Owens by the Seattle Seahawks, we now have 2 Hall of Fame wideouts, both of which missed last season, playing in the same division.  Obviously Randy Moss was signed by the San Fransisco 49ers.  Both of these players have had tremendous careers,  and along those same lines both have had their share of problems.  So I got to thinking, which of these players is in a position to have a better comeback this season, and on a different note, which one stands to help their team more?

I separated the 2 issues because as I am thinking about this, I think that the two are not mutually exclusive.  These guys are 2 of the best to ever play in the NFL, but what they bring to the table for their teams this year are very different.  Hear me out…

In terms of individual statistics, I give the edge to Owens.  The Seahawks are very thin at wide receiver.  Sydney Rice is a nice player, but beyond him you have a lot of mediocre talent.  This team is in dire need of a no.1 wide out and while Owens might not quite be there at this point in his career, he’s as big and strong and fast as ever.  And he’s fearless.  He’ll go over the middle and get the football, he’ll run the routes guys like Rice don’t want to.  And yes, I understand the quarterback situation for the Seahawks is tenuous but I expect Matt Flynn to win the job, and Owens is going to become his safety valve in a hurry.  My prediction?  55 catches,  755 yards and 7 touchdowns.

Now, I give Owens the edge on stats, but if you are looking at who’s going to help their team win, I think that goes to Moss.  Part of that has to do with the fact that the 49ers are just a better team already.  The role that Moss is going to have in this offense is going to be fairly simple.  Run the deep 9.  That’s the go route.  In most cases, he’s going to run the 9 and 49ers quarterback Alex Smith is going to find an underneath player like Vernon Davis or Frank Gore after the safety has been forced to vacate to chase Moss.  But I expect every once in awhile Smith is going to do his 5 step drop, lean back and chuck it down there to Moss and he’s going to make some big plays.   Moss is going make the running game better for the Niners, and going to open up spots on zone defense for guys like Davis and Michael Crabtree.  To compare, Owens is going to run into the traffic and while he’ll make plays, he’s not going do anything for Golden Tate except take his jersey number.  My prediction?  32 catches, 600 yards and 4 touchdowns.

I’ve always been a fan or both Moss and Owens.  I personally think in his prime, Moss is the best wide receiver I’ve ever seen play.  The reasons for them struggling to find work has never had anything to do with what they do on the field.  It’s all the drama and nonsense that goes along with them.  I don’t envy the 2 quarterbacks in this scenario, but the reason these relationships can work is that both of these teams are coached by very strong personalities who will garner the respect of these men.  Not to mention both of these guys need their teams more than their teams need them and I suspect that they both get that.  These are win/win situations for both these teams.

So I guess if you ask the question, “Which wide receiver will be better this year?” the answer is both.   Now the next question has to be, “Will Plaxico Burress find a team now?”


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