NFL Chicago Bears

Will the Chicago Bears carry a fullback this season?

A question that will not be answered for a few more weeks, but the signs for Chicago Bears FB Tyler Clutts, really don’t look all that promising.

When Mike Tice was the Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings 2002-2005, he only employed a FB in one season, showing a preference towards versatile TE for a roster spot, making the Evan Rodriquez TE pick in the fourth round, that baffled some in the 2012 NFL Draft, all the more poignant. Just because it has been made clear to all rookies that positions are earned through hard work, blood, sweat and tears, doesn’t detract from the fact that Clutts is truly in a fight for his spot on the 2012 Bears Roster.

The situation is probably summed up best by Clutts himself, in his quotes from a July 25th article from the Chicago Tribune website, first on what he aims to achieve in training camp:

“Grow and get better at the position, really earn a spot on this team,” Clutts said. “I want to come in and show why they need to carry a fullback.”

Second on whether or not he believes he will make the roster:

“I can’t worry about that kind of stuff right now,” Clutts said. “I’ve got to worry about playing the best that I can, playing mistake-free football and being physical and having a presence while on the field. And then I have to really contribute on special teams and step my game up there.”

The last comment could be extremely telling, the Bears put a greater than normal emphasis on special teams, something that has served them well over the course of the last 5 years or so, Clutts or indeed any future FB who is looking to find a spot on the Bears roster is going to have to prove they are needed on more than just one side of the ball, part of the reason he was brought in last season after he was cut by the Cleveland Browns.

Unfortunately Clutts is an utterly expendable player, and when it comes down to the business end of pre-season when cuts are being made, I fully expect the Bears to cut him.