New York Giants Defensive End Justin Tuck Fires Back at Clay Matthews

By Christopher Gamble

New York Giants defensive end and team leader Justin Tuck has responded to Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Mathews comments.  Matthews basically said, “The Giants didn’t beat us, we beat ourselves.”  You can read more of what Matthews said here.  However, Justin Tuck couldn’t help but respond on Wednesday when asked by reporters about Matthews’ comments.

“Thank you for giving us the game, Clay,” Tuck shot back.  “I appreciate it a lot.”  Not exactly locker room fodder but enough to keep what has become a fairly decent rivalry over the last five years on life support.

This has become a recurring theme among teams that the Giants beat in order to get to, and eventually win the Super Bowl.  The Giants might just be the least respected defending Super Bowl Champion in the history of the NFL.  Nobody believes the Giants, who finished 9-7 last year and squeaked into the playoffs, were truly capable of winning the Super Bowl.

Yes, the Giants lost some tough games, like two games to the Washington Redskins and one against the Seattle Seahawks that they truly had no business losing.  However, forgotten is the fact that the Giants came within centimeters of beating the Packers during the regular season.  If the referee correctly called Jake Ballard’s knee in the endzone and not out of bounds, the Giants would have beaten the Packers.

However, guys like Clay Matthews don’t seem to want to give the Giants any credit.  They don’t want to believe that the Giants, winners of two Super Bowls in the last five years, are really that good.  In their minds, the Giants didn’t beat them, they just didn’t play their best.  Whatever helps you sleep at night, Clay.

Tuck took a good approach to the matter.  He fired back and made it known that he will take the win anyway the win comes because ultimately it was the Giants who were playing in the NFC Championship game after, then the Super Bowl.  Tuck’s words shouldn’t escalate the situation into a war of words but it was a well-placed comeback.  The only reason Justin Tuck can’t sleep at night is if his two Super Bowl rings catch the glow from the streetlights outside his window.  It’s time the Giants start getting a little respect for their accomplishments.  Until then, the Giants will just write the names down in a little area in the back of their minds and once again get ready to meet the haters.

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