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NFL Rumors: Washington Redskins To Rotate Offensive Linemen? Maybe So

The Washington Redskins are hoping to keep their offensive line in tact Thursday night against the Buffalo Bills by any means necessary.

In fact, there is a plan already in place to rotate  players throughout  the game, according to Offensive Line coach Chris Foerster.

“We’re going to try an play as many guys as we can,” he said.

The Redskins have already taken some hits up front without playing a single down. There’s Offensive Lineman Kory Lichtensteiger’s bad knee (will see him in Sept.), and  Offensive Tackle  Jammal Brown’s bad hip (out indefinitely).

Besides those two, there was the pickup of Guard Tony Moll on Aug. 4 to fill the roster spot that DE Kentwan Balmer, who has become camp’s biggest unsolved mystery.  Foerster said that he’s [Moll] only got one day of camp under his belt, but didn’t rule out using him Thursday night. “I’m not sure if he’s had enough reps, but who knows, ” he said.

Thursday night’s real question is can the offensive line protect Robert Griffin III. It’s a question everyone has asked. When you’re dealing with a line that has given up more sacks than touchdowns, it’s hard not to talk about it.

But even their means of play will have to change. No longer are they going to worry about how long backup QB Rex Grossman stays in the pocket. If RG3 sees the breakdown, he’ll have his chance to show his speed, something everyone up front I’m sure is hoping can be an asset to them rather than an expense.

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