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Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick Dedicates 2012 Season to Andy Reid’s Son Garrett

Head coach Andy Reid returned to the Philadelphia Eagles, just three days after the tragic passing of his 29-year old son Garrett, who lost his eight-year long battle with a drug addiction.

The Eagles’ beat writers covering Reid’s returning press conference said that the Eagles’ head coach showed courage, composure, and poise.

Reid said that he needs his football family to get through the tragedy he has been facing. His wife, Tammy, said that she is fully supportive of Reid’s decision to return to the Eagles.

Quarterback Michael Vick said that the 2012 season will be dedicated to Reid’s son, Garrett.

“Our entire season will be dedicated to Garrett,” Vick said. “I’m personally going to dedicate my season to coach, and direct it to my teammates. So this season will be dedicated to Garrett, starting tomorrow.”

Vick said that he knows what it is like to lose a close family member, and he talked to his coach about it.

“First, just continue to encourage him and stay strong,” Vick said. “I know what it’s like to lose a family member. I reiterated to him on numerous occasions how much I love him.

“He’s back with his family, his football family,” Vick said. “Coach know we love him, as a man first and as a coach second.”

Reid will coach the Eagles in their first preseason game on Thursday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The regular season begins in less than a month.

The Eagles are expected to rebound from their dismal 2011 season and contend for a Super Bowl title.

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