QB Brady Quinn Looks To Rebuild Career With The Kansas City Chiefs

The career of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn has been in a downward slide since about September 2006. It was then that Quinn, the highly regarded senior quarterback for Notre Dame and a Heisman Trophy candidate, took the field for a home game against Michigan. An interception was taken to the house, the favored Irish were blown out and Quinn hasn’t had elite status at any level since. Now he’s looking to rebuild his career in Kansas City.

If the Chiefs don’t play well offensively to start the year, Quinn will get a chance. I might feel good about the prospects for starting QB Matt Cassell, but that’s a disputed opinion at best and if Kansas City doesn’t score points in September, the signal-caller will go under the bus.

When Quinn speaks publicly he says all the right things about how it’s not a competition and that’s something the media whips up. No one will ever accuse the press of low-keying a story, especially a potential quarterback controversy, but there’s no denying this is a genuine story, albeit still lingering beneath the surface until we get regular season games under our belts.

Quinn’s never really had a chance to succeed in the NFL. He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns, which in of itself should be constitutionally banned as cruel and unusual punishment. After three years there mostly backing up Derek Anderson and being on a coaching carousel that included current Kansas City Chiefs’ boss Romeo Crennel and Eric Mangini, Quinn was shipped off to Denver. He spent a year as a backup in the Tim Tebow Drama and left with less-than-kind words for the man who draws a firestorm of media coverage simply by running wind sprints in the rain.

The one-time Notre Dame wonderboy has all the physical tools to succeed. While the 2012 Kansas City offense might be not resemble the Joe Montana-era San Francisco 49ers, there’s more tools here than Quinn ever had in Cleveland. All he needs now is the break that will get him a chance to prove if he can hack it as an NFL starter.

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  • jmousso

    Agree with most of what you said except his college career was better than stated. Go back and look at the come from behind victory over Michigan State, UCLA. The 2005 Notre Dame USC game. Notre Dame had the game won, the PAC-10 gave the game to USC. Go check Troy Smith’s stats against Brady Quinn’s stats the year Smith won the Heisman. Brady Quinn were clearly better. Don’t give me that they play Navy every year. That’s a tradition to thank the Naval Academy for the help they gave Notre Dame when the university was struggling to stay open during the War. There is more to winning. There is tradition.

  • http://rantsportsnfl Jack

    Brady Quinn is all class and deserves a chance. He is one of the hardest working guys in the NFL and has all of the tools.